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Fireworks Services


Spectrum have performed many displays from small private parties to national events and have become one of the safest and best-known fireworks entertainers in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Our originality, artistic quality and expertise will enable us to create the most spectacular display for you.

Outdoor Fireworks

Our firework displays are customised specifically for each venue according to your requirements. The size and type of the product we use can vary depending on your budget, the suggested site and the size and demographic of your audience.

With an exceptional ability to create unique firework displays, Spectrum pursues the more unusual and imaginative effects.   We are also equipped to provide a fireworks spectacular choreographed to music.

We encourage any suggestions and input that you or your sponsors may wish to contribute and are keen to help in fundraising ideas for your organisation to make it more successful. This may include the use of sponsors names and display naming rights. Spectrum have several marketing ideas to help promote your special event.

Spectrum are very focussed on safety and also obtain all necessary permits.

For details on minimum notification times and other information, see our FAQ page.

Indoor Fireworks

Spectrum have performed many indoor fireworks displays and special effects.

Indoor or close proximity fireworks are specially-designed pyrotechnic effects which can be used in very specific situations, either indoors or on a building. Because of the close proximity of persons or structures, this technique requires very special expertise.

These products are ideal for rooftop, stadium and city centre displays being visually dramatic but extremely safe as it produces minimal debris.

Add that extra WOW! factor to your next corporate event.


Spectrum is known by council and authorities as one of the safest pyrotechnicians working. This is one of the reasons why we were chosen to manage the Surfers Paradise National Fireworks Championships on the Gold Coast which is an annual event held in June since 2001.

We are responsible for the safety of spectators and surrounding property. All equipment used in our displays has been tested and designed to meet the Australian Standards for outdoor pyrotechnic displays. We follow all regulations in regards to safety distances between crowds and buildings.

“The thoroughness in planning and preparation… your vigilance on safety issue’s ensured that the more than 80,000 precinct visitors enjoyed and applauded.”

Surfers Paradise Alliance

New Year’s Eve

Crowd Control

Crowd control is not a problem with Spectrum as we supply and erect our own barriers and signage. The barriers are manned by our staff who are easily recognisable in their uniforms.

Letterbox Drop

It is a requirement that a ‘letterbox drop’ be performed to inform surrounding residents or businesses that there will be an upcoming firework display. To assist with this requirement, we are able to provide you with a master copy of the leaflet showing details of time, location and noting that the display is approved and licensed. The wording also includes a reminder to pet owners regarding their pets safety and comfort during the display.

After the Event

If required, we can supply two-way radios for easy communication between event organisers and Spectrum.

At the conclusion of the display we conduct a thorough search of the surrounding areas. We also remove all associated materials.

Who we notify

We notify all relevant authorities including:

  • Department of Natural Resources & Mines / SafeWork NSW
  • Local Police Station
  • Local Fire Station
  • Local Council (where necessary)
  • CASA / Air Traffic Control (if display is within 5.6km of an aerodrome, could attain heights greater than 122m, or where the display of lights could endanger the safety of aircraft)

If the display is on or near water, the following authorities may also be notified:

  • Port Authority
  • Coast Guard
  • Air Sea Rescue
  • Queensland Transport
  • Roads & Maritime Services
  • Air Sea Rescue & Water Police

Spectrum store our firework products at the Government Explosives Reserve at Helidon.


Why should our event have a fireworks display?

Obviously, you may want a display simply because you love the sight and sound of a beautiful fireworks show.

However that is not the only reason that fireworks are used. Consider some of the following:

  • fireworks are a great marketing tool

Event organisers don't put fireworks on for the fun of it - they expect a high return on their investment. The reason fireworks are still being used for events is that they are a very effective marketing tool.

  • fireworks bring people to events

Most events are put on by community groups - such as Lions, Apex, Hospital Foundations, etc. Statistics show that by putting on fireworks more people will attend the event. At the same time, organisations such as the SES will then be able to do fund-raising / awareness raising / and recruiting at these events.

A fireworks display also "holds" people until the conclusion of an event. Whilst waiting, most people will buy extra food and drinks meaning more income for the event (great for the school fete fundraiser!).

  • fireworks help to raise funds / awareness / recruiting

Displays bring people to events - and while those people are there the organisers are able to reach a much wider audience for donations.

  • fireworks provide flow on effects to the economy

There are flow on effects such as the side businesses (fast food etc) that would be frequented by the families that attend - these businesses will inject further funds into our economy.

When do I need to let you know that I want a display?

There are various permits and notifications that we need to make before any display. Department of Mines & Energy require 7 days’ notice while Queensland Transport (for water based displays) need a minimum of 32 days.

Therefore the following minimum timeframes are advisable:

  • 14 days before display for land based displays
  • 34 days before display for water based displays

Obviously, contracting an operator as early as possible is advisable as depending on the time of year, your preferred operator may be busy.

How much area do I need?

Most displays require a minimum of 65 metres radius (from all spectators and occupied buildings) is required. An area of this size will give you the widest possible range of effects and product.

However, if you have less area it is still possible to do a good display. In this case a minimum of 40 metres is required. See the Tweed River Festival display video for an idea of this type of display.

Indoor displays use close-proximity effects which allows for less distance to spectators and are determined on a case-by-case basis.

What does a fireworks display cost?

You can expect to budget a minimum of $3,000* to produce an artistic and creative display.

There are operators out there who do fireworks displays as a part time job or just for fun, so there is no doubt you’ll find a pyrotechnician to do a cheaper display, however this could be at the expense of safety, experience or overall quality.  Depending upon your requirements that may be all you require, however we pride ourselves on being professional and producing magical fireworks displays and won’t reduce quality or safety just to ‘save a few bucks’.

Even a small display requires around an hour of admin per display plus at least 8 hours of work to produce a good quality, interesting and varied fireworks display.  It requires at least 2 staff on the day (regardless of display size) and factoring in notifications, fees, licensing & staff training (to ensure qualified and safe operators), high insurance costs, GST, equipment costs, vehicle costs, explosives transport, etc you can understand that budgets need to be a reasonable amount to even cover these costs while still allowing enough budget to buy the fireworks product.  In addition, we have many, many hours of work to comply with government regulations each year.  This is why our budgets start at this level otherwise there’s no point for us, as a business, to take on the level of risk associated with delivering a fireworks display.

Please remember that fireworks aren’t just “the pretties at the end of the night”.  Used correctly, a good fireworks display can bring in a very high ROI (return on investment) for an event which more than pays for itself.  As you may be aware fireworks are a great way to retain crowd numbers to the end of the event, especially if it is a production or good quality display.

*For displays on or near water our minimum show is $5,500^. The extra cost is partially due to the need to hire water police to secure the area. An extra benefit of using Spectrum Fireworks is that we have our own barges. This means that you save the cost of barge hire which is usually upwards of $1,500.

^Extra expenses are incurred for displays on the Brisbane River - please contact us for a quote.

Who should I choose to do my display?

Of course we think you should choose us!

If for some reason we can't perform your display, choose your operator carefully and make sure they conform to the following:

  • Have current public liability insurance;
  • Have the necessary licence for the display you require;
  • Have good references; and most importantly
  • Have a good safety record.
Can I buy fireworks from you?

Sorry, but no.

It is illegal for the public to use or possess fireworks and could result in large fines.

I want to be a pyrotechnician, how do I become one?

To be involved in the pyrotechnics industry you don't actually need a licence but would need to work under the supervision of a licenced operator.

However, you do need to be over 18 years of age to gain entry to a display site.

  • Apprenticeship

There is no formal apprenticeship for pyrotechnicians. New staff generally start with working around the site on such things as security and clean up, progressing to set-up of displays and then onto firing of a show - all after appropriate training, of course.

  • Training

Training is given "in-house" and onsite. The industry/DME has developed a Certificate IV course.  More information can be found at 

The most important attribute any pyro can have is COMMONSENSE along with a healthy respect for the products used.

  • Qualifications

After relevant training and study, a prospective pyrotechnician would be able to sit for their Shotfirers Licence with the Department of Mines & Energy. However obtaining this licence does not enable the holder to fire a display unless they are working on a job for a "Fireworks Contractor" who has relevant licencing and insurance.

The pyrotechnics industry is quite small as Australia isn't a very large market - this means there is not many full-time jobs available. We would therefore recommend that you look at other work options and keep pyrotechnics as a part-time job/hobby/passion, which may lead into a permanent position. For example, most pyrotechnic companies would have only one or two full time workers with another 10 to 20 part-timers.

“…but aren’t fireworks bad for the environment?”
  • The main output from fireworks is smoke.  Most of the firework containers are made of cardboard which is biodegradable.
  • The pollution from most displays is less than from a 4WD taking a short trip (eg: to the city).
“…but they cause so much distress to animals”
  • Yes they can.  Which is why we provide notifications of displays to the community so owners have time to arrange for those pets that are sensitive to noise.
  • While other birds and animals don’t have the benefit of being ‘notified’;  thunderstorms, cars backfiring, etc also occur  – loud noise isn’t limited to fireworks.

Prepare to be amazed!

The choreography of Spectrums’ pyrotechnic displays continues to thrill, excite and charm our audiences from show to show as we are always utilising new effects and designs.