Pyrotechnics + Specialist Engineering for Film & TV

Our Special Effects Services

As pyrotechnic professionals and a special effects (SFX) supervisor / technician for film and television, we have the eye for detail and the depth of experience and knowledge to provide what you need.

With highly specialist knowledge, Spectrum can provide a wide array of SFX services including: fireworks, pyrotechnics and fire effects, bullet hits, strafing runs, explosions, smoke, flame sand combat simulations, indoor or outdoor sets. 

When it come to your effects requirements, our team has seen and done it all, including experience in fabrication of moving sets, gimbals, animatronics, vehicles and more. 

We also provide specific equipment to the film and television industry such as motorised filming platforms for water locations, smoke machines, rain towers and wind machines.

If you have a film or TV project, give the Spectrum team a call to see how we can assist taking your project from ordinary to dazzling. 

“Once again thank you so much for helping today and in the lead up – it was fun!”


Nova Entertainment

“Thanks so much for yesterday. Brilliant job, was really happy with how it all turned out. Probably better than I thought actually, loved the size of the explosion. So funny.”


Beernuts Productions

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